20-year-old aspiring fashion journalist

third-year art history & journalism student @ uvic

staff writer for the martlet newspaper

victoria bc

You want me?

I walk down the hallway

You like it? The bedroom’s my runway.

Slap me! I’m pinned to the doorway.

Kiss, bite, foreplay. 

(Source: cristofertoro)

Gisele Bundchen by Gilles Bensimon for Elle US, May 2000

i hate how you can like, totally forget about someone that you used to care a lot for

and then someone says something or you see something that reminds you of them

and you think about them for like 2 weeks


i’m #weak


Tulip Fields - Vincent van Gogh

Lily McMenamy and Liam Gardner in “Hang Out And Fall In Love” by Alasdair McLellan for i-D Magazine, Pre-Fall 2014
fashion bible tbh

aaaand i’ll start my homework now..

after this song…

after this half hour….

after my shower…….


Paris Hilton / Purple Magazine