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when it’s like 7pm and you haven’t eaten anything all day and u just waiting for easter dinner like

having my huge ass easter dinner 

then sitting in my bed with skittles and chocolate and catching up on tv shows


Lily Donaldson /  i-D Magazine January 2006 Photographed by Richard Burbridge
Made hummus for the first time 🍴.

lera tribel by greta ilieva for under the influence #13

Guerrino Santulliana by Rasmus Mogensen - Essential Homme, April 2014

summary of my birthday week

i am ultimately satisfied by the week though. the good moments when i was surrounded by people who meant so much to me over the past year was worth all the hectic stuff.

and regardless of how many times i’ve been sad about being alone/single this year, i cabbed home alone tonight and i was kinda relieved to just be with myself.

it might sound weird and tacky to say, but i don’t know who else i would want to spend the end of such a crazy week with, than the person who knows me best (myself)~